Saddle & Spoke is the destination for stylish cyclists. Presenting a unique collection of accessories, Saddle & Spoke has handpicked each piece based on its quality, design and personality.   

Saddle & Spoke offers a single place for cyclists to discover the most innovative and distinctive designs. Whether you’re after a unique helmet, handcrafted handlebars or bag to take seamlessly from two wheels into the office, Saddle & Spoke has pieces to express your individual style whether on or off a bike.  

“We believe cycling isn't just about getting from a to b, it's about enhancing your lifestyle, having fun and looking good while doing it.” Claire Armstrong, Saddle & Spoke Creative Director.

Claire Armstrong established Saddle & Spoke in 2012. With over 15 years experience in the design industry, Claire has combined her eye for good design with a passion for cycling. Claire is dedicated to sourcing the most exciting, individual and beautifully made cycling products from young brands around the world. Consolidating these previously scattered and hard-to-find gems into a single collection, Claire is forever on the look-out for fresh ideas and creativity, ensuring you can expect to find the latest designs each time you visit.

Working closely with our designers, Saddle & Spoke holds many pieces on an exclusive basis meaning the collection is utterly unique and you can rest assured you won’t see the same pieces whizzing past you on a daily basis.  We’re dedicated to cyclists who seek creativity, quality and individual design and you can rely on Saddle & Spoke to provide stellar personal service and instant inspiration.

If you are a designer or manufacturer and have a new or unique accessory that you think we'd be interested in, then please get in touch